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Behind the camera

We both know that choosing a photographer is a big deal. Whether it is a family session or your wedding day, we will be spending intimate time together! So let's get to know each other and make sure we are a good fit. 


First things first...

and most importantly I am a mom to two beautiful girls- Annie  & Murphey Katherine. They are my “why;" why I do what I do, why I do things the way I do, & why I keep going. Family is everything to me and I hope that translates into my work. My goal is to provide you with images that last a lifetime--to freeze those fleeting little moments. I photographed my first wedding in 2010 and I never looked back. There is something so beautiful to me about being in love. That looks different to everyone and I would love to be the one to photograph your unique story. My goal is to build a bond with each and every one of my clients and leave becoming friends. This job has given me the opportunity to build these relationships with so many people and I am forever grateful! 


When I'm not photographing a wedding or a growing family, I am a stay at home mom. My guilty pleasures are junk reality tv, cozy pajamas, 90’s music, and coffee. I have two golden retrievers who act as really hairy babysitters. I love the beach & hunting for seashells, cooking for, and playing with my two baby girls! They are my world and my greatest loves. They are what makes me love so much! 


So what are you waiting for? I can't wait to get to know your unique love story! I promise to work my hardest to make you happy and provide you with friendly & high quality service. & I hope I can add you to my long list of clients who turned into friends. Talk to you soon <3

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working with me

As your professional third wheel I am an expert at...


Being really real all of the time

I'm not a regular photographer... I'm a cool photographer. JK but I am a real human being and I expect that you are too! Which means we don't need to pretend like we are anything else. Just be you and I'll be me and we can create some unposed, real life magic together. 


Creating safe spaces

Standing in front of a camera can be really scary, but that's why you have me! I prioritize your comfort and confidence above all else, as that is what will help us all leave the shoot feeling our best. If we need big smiles, I'll be your cheerleader, and if we need quiet and calm, i'll be your rock.


Catching the little things

During your session it is your job to be in the moment--it is my job to capture all of the little details so you can be. You don't need to stress about setting the perfect scene because I will get all the teary eyes, the BIG smiles, the little dances and everything in between. 

What they say

What can I say about Kristen’s work, besides exceptional! I was blown away by how gorgeous and perfect the photos were. Kristen provided us with 100s of photos, which was overwhelming in a good way. I had so many to choose from! I think I told my husband 100 times the day I received the entire album from Kristen that I couldn’t be happier with how all the photos turned out.

There is not a single moment I could think of that I would have wanted, that Kristen did not catch. I would 10 out of 10 times choose Kristen as our photographer!

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